Why You Should Buy Candy Grams Instead of Making Your Own

It’s that time of year! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you need something for that special someone. One option is to give them a Valentine’s Day candy gram. Now that you’ve decided on a candy gram, there’s one question that needs to be answered.

Should you buy a candy gram or make it yourself?

If your school is looking to raise some money, then a candy gram fundraiser for Valentine’s Day is a traditional option. In this case, since you have an army of willing volunteers at your fingertips, making your own candy grams is the obvious route to go.

But what if you just want to give a nice candy gram to your spouse or friend? You’re not looking to start a fundraiser. It’s Valentine’s Day and you want to show your love and appreciation with a sweet and personal gift. Buying a ready made candy gram is the perfect answer!

Why You should Buy a Candy gram, Instead of Making your Own!

1. Candy Grams are Available Everywhere

You can buy candy grams from boutiques in every major city. Many flower shops even offer candy grams for sale, but your best bet is to look for high-end candy shops or chocolatiers. These stores have candy grams or chocolate baskets available at every price point. You can just go to a store and pick out the best one, the candy gram that works for you.

Some stores will even also offer a custom candy gram, where you can fill your candy gram with whatever you want from the store and pay for what you put in it.

Finally, candy grams are available from many online retailers. You can phone a store up or order by clicking with your mouse. With the internet, you have no excuse. Candy grams are available everywhere.

2. Buying a Candy Gram Saves Time

Buying a ready-made candy gram will save you some time. You don’t have to get out the tape, scissors and glue to fabricate your own container. Not everybody has the material to make a nice candy gram.

You have to consider what kind of container to use and what type of candy or chocolate to put in it. Then you have to go out shopping for all your supplies. You’ll probably have to drop into more than one store to get everything. If you don’t plan in advance, you’ll be running around trying to beat the clock.

Naturally, buying a candy gram will save you a lot of time.

3. Professional Candy Grams Look Good!

Last but not least, the most important reason. A professionally made candy gram just looks a lot better than something you’ve created yourself.

buy candy gram

You can almost taste the school glue!

Let’s face it. Not everyone is crafty. Do you want your heartfelt offering to look like it was made by a kindergarten student? If you buy a candy gram you can rest assured that it’s going to look top notch.

You don’t want your recipient to think you just ran out to Walmart and threw some candy in a bag? A store-bought candy gram shows you are willing to spend the money on the person you love.

When you buy a candy gram at a fancy candy store, you have a variety of exotic candies and luxury chocolates to choose from. This isn’t vending machine fare. This is the good stuff. A candy gram filled with what your loved one deserves!

Of course, you need to add your own personal touch to your candy gram. A hand written note or letter will take that cold edge of a store bought gift. Just make sure you can open the candy gram or basket yourself, so you can add your unique twist.

Valentine’s Day is coming. Think about your gift! Go buy a candy gram and your loved one will not regret it. And neither will you!