What is a Candygram?

What is a Candygram?

A candygram is a gift of candy with a special message attached to it. Candygrams range from simple to elaborate and are really only limited by the budget and imagination of the people creating them. You can also buy candygrams that are professionally made, however, in this article we’re dealing with the classic, do-it-yourself candygram.

People make so many different varieties of candygrams, that it’s difficult to show a definitive example. You can use chocolate to create a chocolate bouquet. You can pile your candy in a basket to create a candy gift basket. Or you could arrange cookies in a vase to create a cookie bouquet.

So, what’s a candygram?

The options are endless. Choose your candy. Choose your container. Choose a witty saying. Voila! Instant candygram!

what is a candygram

A candygram’s 3 ingredients

Candygrams are often sold to raise money for school groups, clubs, or nonprofit organizations. They’re desirable because they are easy to create without many resources, and they can make a decent profit for a group without costing candygram customers a lot of money.

For candygram fundraisers, people purchase the candygram and the fundraising participants distribute the personalized candygrams as a surprise to each recipient. The element of surprise can be a lot of fun and is especially popular with older children and teens who often have a little spare cash to spend.

When creating candygrams to sell for a fundraiser, there are a handful of important questions to answer before you begin:

What is your starting budget?

Unfortunately, you often have to spend money to make money, so starting with a specific budget in mind will help you determined what kinds of candy and decorations will make sense to purchase. Often, you can find large bags of candy for a reasonable price at your local drugstore.

If your fundraiser will take place near a specific holiday, you may be able to find specialty candy on sale in bulk. If you have time to wait for shipping, purchasing your candy online can be an inexpensive option.

What’s your candygram theme?

Are you planning to sell candygrams for a specific occasion? You might consider adding special colors or stickers to your candygrams for the sake of adding festivity and artistry to your fundraiser.

Some examples would be to design your candygrams with school colors, holiday colors (red and green for Christmas, blues and white for winter, pink for Valentine’s day, flag colors for national holidays, etc.), team colors, mascot stickers, greek letters for fraternity or sorority fundraisers, awareness ribbons, or attractive business cards.

Will you offer the option of pre-made messages?

Most candygram fundraisers include a note that is handwritten by the person who purchases the gift. However, everyone has a day where they want to do something nice, but aren’t feeling very articulate. You may consider coming up with some pre-printed funny tags, fortunes, or even silly pickup lines to attach to candygrams.

Delivery options! How will delivery work?

Make sure you have all of the information you need to deliver each candygram to the correct person. There should be a space to put the name and location of the recipient. This should be filled out at the time that the candygram is purchased.

Who will deliver the candygrams and when? Make sure you have a solid crew of volunteers at your disposal, and make sure that timeline expectations are clear. If someone expects that a candygram will arrive on their set friend’s birthday, they’ll be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t arrive!


Once you have everything planned, go into production! And make it fun. Creating candygrams as a group is a perfect excuse to have a party or a delicious meal. Take a look around the site for different candygram ideas. Let us know how your next candygram fundraiser goes in the comment box below!