Valentine’s Day Chocolate or Candy? What’s the best gift?

Valentine’s Day chocolate has been a perennial favourite gift for your loved one. It’s a classic and for good reason. Many people believe that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter because the association between chocolate and love is established in Western culture.

valentine's day chocolate

When people think of intimacy and love on Valentine’s Day, chocolate just naturally comes to mind!

But is it overdone?

These days when you go to the store in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, there are tons of options that are not chocolate! Candy hearts. marshmallow hearts, lollipops, you name it! Has chocolate been played out?

If you want to be unique, and really show your love, it’s tempting to be attracted by the newer fad candies. But unless you’re planning to make a witty candygram, stay away! Most of these candy arrangements look cheap and don’t taste good. The worst thing you can do is walk into a store and pick up a random piece of candy. Even if you have put some thought into it, it may look like you didn’t make an effort. Unless you can find something truly unique, like Icelandic chocolate licorice!

Chocolate isn’t essential, but high quality is. Go out of your way to find artisan chocolates or candy. Craft chocolatiers are a great source of handmade chocolate and candies. This is where you can find the delicious, melt in your mouth chocolates and fudges. Even candy lollipops can ooze luxury when crafted well. You want the recipient to feel pampered.

Be sure to keep luxury in mind when designing you own Valentine’s Day candygram. You can have a fun time with candy bars and witty sayings, but be sure to top it off with something really special, like a gourmet Valentine’s Day chocolate!