Star Shaped Candy – They’re out of this world!

Star shaped candy are some of the most decorative sweets you can find. They’ll dress up any dessert table, and a combination of star shaped candies at your starlight ball can be simply stunning. A handful of them dumped on your work-table can be a mood-changing pick-me-upper, and a jarful on the teacher’s desk will get a class of students working hard to get approval.

What’s the best star shaped candy?


There are plenty to choose from, and of course, what you choose will depend on what you want them for. Star shaped gummies are lovely for a children’s party, but if you need something for cake decorating a midnight scene, for instance, smaller candies like little chocolate stars or star shaped sweet bits will be more ideal. Then there are star candies that match particular themes, and others that fit a chocolate lover’s profile for ‘good candy’.

star shaped candy

Sweetworks Star Shaped Candies come in neat peg pouches that are chock full of the little twinkles you can use on cakes, cupcakes, or simply as table decorations. There are several color options, including Shimmer Silver and Shimmer Gold, and they are tasty enough to eat. Tart, but sweet!


star shaped chocolate

If you’re decorating a white cake, Brach’s Milk Chocolate Stars can deliver some good contrast. While the star shape of these is less well defined than other star shaped candy, they look well enough: little swirl stars that could almost be thought to glitter in a dusky way. And they’re made of 100% real milk chocolate. Can you go wrong with chocolate?


star shaped gummy

To please the children, there are Christmas Stars Jelly Candy from the Nutty Fruit House. These come in a 1 lb bag, so you get lots! These are basic jelly candies, but the shapes are fun and they come in Christmas colors: red and green, with sugar on top. They’re good stocking stuffers, but you don’t need to save them for Christmas: they’ll be enjoyed every other day too.


star shaped lollipops

Another star shaped candy that children love is Star Twinkle Pops. These are three dimensional, five pointed star shaped candy on sticks; and they come in seven yummy flavors. Although these lollypops do contain artificial colors and flavors, they have no high fructose corn syrup (sweeteners are just honest-to-goodness sugar and real corn syrup) so if that’s something you want to avoid in your diet these tasty treats may be just perfect. The lollipops are a little less than 1 ½ inches wide and perhaps ½ inch thick at the center, and they come on 12” sticks that are fun for little hands to hold. These are also perfect for candy arrangements!


candy mario stars

And any Super Mario fanatic in your life can’t help but get excited over a bright yellow star-shaped tin filled with Super Mario-inspired Nintendo Super Star Candies. These fun computer-game inspired treats are shaped exactly like the stars in the New Super Mario, and will make perfect good behavior awards for Nintendo fans– or a one-time gift for a collector.

So— go all out on stars! The only real similarity among these star shaped candy is the obvious one—their shape—but they’re all fun, and they’re all yummy.