Five of the Best Old Fashioned Lollipops

A hundred years ago. . . fifty years ago . . . twenty-five years ago, children loved lollipops just as much as they love them today. Old fashioned lollipops, though, weren’t quite the same as those you’ll find in the gas station now. They were simpler, maybe; for a simpler time.

Are old fashioned lollipops still available today?


They are, if you’ll do the leg work to find them. Or let us do the leg work for you. Here are five yummy lollipops still made the same way they used to. You can treat your little guys with the same flavors great-granny treated toddling grandpa—all it takes is an Amazon order.

These are also perfect gifts for an older friend or family member! Perhaps included as part of a candy gram for a teacher?


old fashioned lollipops

Buffallo Bills Old Fashioned Cinnamon Lollies are one blast from the past. These individually wrapped cinnamon lollipops have a spicy, sweet cinnamon flavor—not intensely hot, but tingly enough to give your taste buds a workout. They’ve got the same super simple ingredient list they always had, and the same shape: one inch by one inch squares, half an inch thick. Although these lollipops are individually wrapped, they come in a tub for handy storage; you can buy bulk, and grab one out for quick eating whenever the urge hits you.


bbbats lollipops

Or is it B B Bats lollipops you’re hankering after—those candies that were chewy and pliable like taffy, shaped in long rectangles, but on a stick? You can get a box of four assorted flavors: strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla. Your daddy probably loved these when he was growing up, and grandpa did too. They’re good and sticky, full of flavor, and taste pretty much the same they always have. Sweet, but not too sweet.



cube lollipops



Another option is old fashioned cube lollipops —fruit-flavored cubes on a stick. Try a variety pack with banana and cinnamon; the flavor is fun, and even if it wasn’t, having a cube to suck on is fun in itself. These are made in the USA, and individually wrapped in simple, old fashioned clear plastic.

cube suckers

And if two flavors doesn’t cut it for you, try a five-fruit flavor tub. There’s just something different about sticking a candy cube in your mouth—you may never want to go back to boring spheres again.



sugar daddys lollipop

But if you’re going on a old fashioned lollipop eating binge, Sugar Daddy’s is one you don’t want to miss. These are the milk caramel lollipops that first came out under the old name of Papa Sucker—but their fame only came with the new name. You don’t want to bite down on these ; suck them slowly and relish that sweet, creamy flavor as it melts in your mouth.


saf-t pops

What’s the fifth in our old-time candy lineup? What else but Saf-T Pops—those fruit flavored lollipops with cord loop handles, ideal for tiny hands but tasty enough they’re loved by big eaters too? Saf-T Pops come in lots of flavors, but this particular collection is a mix of cherry, grape, apple, and orange. They’re also kosher and low-allergenic, if that matters to you. In the old days they were a penny a piece: now they’re slightly more expensive, but if you buy them in bulk still not bad.


Five old fashioned lollipops — which is your favorite?