How To Hold A Candy Gram Fundraiser

Candy grams are one of the best ways to hold a good fundraiser. Fun and tasty for everyone, candy grams are short, or even long, written messages or notes that are attached to a small piece of candy, or a large piece of candy. Some candy grams can even include a container of some sort with many candies in it.

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How to hold a candy gram fundraiser:

Candy grams can be used on any occasion to put a smile on someone’s face, and because they’re appealing to almost everybody, they make a great idea for a fundraiser. Candy is relatively inexpensive, as is the paper used to make the messages, which are usually written by the purchaser of the candy gram.

Candy Grams    Having a candy gram fundraiser can be a great fundraising idea for a variety of different causes. Most often, a candy gram fundraiser is held around Valentine’s day.

In many universities as well as lower, middle, and high schools, Valentine’s candy grams are delivered directly to the mailbox, cubby, locker, or other area where recipients will receive their personalized candy gram.

Purchasers can give their donation money to the organizers of the fundraiser several days or weeks before Valentine’s day. The buyers also need to include the name of the person they want to give the candy gram to, along with the message they want to send. The organizers of the fundraiser then have to assemble the candy grams before Valentine’s day and distribute them. Click here to see a video of a group of students scrambling to prepare hundreds of candy grams.

Candy is inexpensive in large quantities, so with some motivated volunteers, this fundraiser has very low overhead costs, making it a great choice for any type of organization, from kid’s sports teams to college sororities and fraternities to adult interest groups and more.

Many elementary, middle, and high schools have fundraisers that specifically involve candy grams for teachers! This is another great way to raise money for the school or for clubs and sports teams. Students at the school are the primary purchasers of these candy grams, so it is important to make sure the candy grams are inexpensive. Having candy grams that are $1 or less are possible for children with only a little lunch money to purchase.

Sometimes in elementary schools it would be wise to target the parents in some way, as the younger children may not have any money to spend. For high schools it is usually possible to have the students pay for candy grams on their own. These candy grams are great because they also show the teachers that they are appreciated by their students.

It’s possible to have birthday candy grams as well. These are not practical as a fundraising idea, but they may be a good way to help generate support for an organization. Candy grams for birthdays should be delivered on the recipient’s birthday or on the closest day possible to that day. The candy gram messages that are included on the candy gram should be appropriate for the person they are intended for as well as relevant to the birthday occasion. If the candy gram is a hope for someone to notice an individual or organization for financial support of a project, it would be wise to mention the project in some way.

When organizing candy gram fundraisers, it is important to make sure that you have a viable means of distributing candy grams or that you make it clear to purchasers that they are responsible for delivering their candy gram. Candy gram fundraisers are most effective if the organizers provide delivery service, however, as part of the fun of a candy gram is the surprise that comes with it being delivered by a third party. Candy grams can be delivered by regular mail and can also be well adapted to use by college campuses with school mailboxes or elementary and high schools where there are cubbies or lockers that belong to each student. Some schools may have a board where small candy grams can be posted using thumb tacks. It is important to be creative and use available resources in order to deliver the candy grams in a memorable and special way.

Candy gram messages can be standard or very unique. They are generally sayings related to a lot of different holidays and occasions. It is typical of candy grams, however, to have a sweet candy theme. Many times the messages will be puns on the names of candies, or include words related to candy such as sweet or sugary. These types of themed candy grams can be fun for any occasion from Valentine’s day to birthdays and other occasions. For fundraiser candy grams, it is wise to put some mention of your organization on the candy gram as well. Although the purchaser of the candy gram may know that they donated to your organization, unless the recipient is told that you were the responsible organization they may not realize that you are to thank. This creates double the publicity for an organization since both the purchaser and the recipient will be aware of your organization thanks to good candy grams.

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