Chocolate For Fountain Fun: Everything You Need to Know for A Chocolate Fundue Party

It’s party time—and we all know there’s no tastier icebreaker for a party than gathering around a chocolate fountain!
Chocolate for fountain use comes in chips, coins or wafers that are melted and then poured into your fountain. Check your chocolate fountain’s directions to find what the minimum amount of chocolate needed to make it smoothly run, and then add enough for all your guests. As a rule of thumb, figure that a gathering of up to twenty guests will need about 4 pounds of chocolate; twenty to fifty people will need about eight pounds; fifty to a hundred, twelve pounds; and up to a hundred and fifty sixteen pounds. Of course, you can do with less than this it you don’t mind running out before the party’s over—you’re under no obligation to stuff everyone full of delicious chocolate, after all!

A Buyers Guide: Chocolate For Fountain Use

But what is the best chocolate for fountain use? Chocolate fountain party planners are almost unanimous in proclaiming Sephra chocolate, by Callebaut, to be all around the best: the best taste, the best consistency, and the easiest to use for chocolate fountains. Luckily, Sephra is quite reasonably priced for fountain chocolate, and there are lots of delicious flavors as well.

  • Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate  is a good all-round chocolate for fountain parties. It pairs particularly well with apples, strawberries, or butter cookies; a smooth, rich flavor that is sweet but not overwhelmingly so.chocolate for fountain
  • If you or your guests are fans of European chocolate, you can also go with the Sephra Belgian Milk Fondue Chocolate:  yummy Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate. These pure chocolate wafers contain 38.5% cocoa, so they are pretty chocolatey, and you’ll find the consistency much smoother and the flavor far better defined than chocolate in your standard chocolate bar. It’s an easy way to give your guests the best.belgian chocolate for fountain
  • For dark chocolate aficionados, there’s Sephra Dark Chocolate Melt: a chocolate prepared especially for chocolate fountains. Strawberries are wonderful with dark chocolate, as are orange sections and sweet peppermint wafers. Or set out a selection of dried fruit— dried apricots and cranberries, coated with dark chocolate, are something you don’t want to miss!dark chocolate for fountain
  • And if you want white chocolate—the perfect addition to a white candy or dessert bar for a christening or wedding—your ideal chocolate will be Sephra White Chocolate Melts.  This’ll give you an almost-dazzling white chocolate fountain, perfect for dipping nut clusters, pretzels, or pretty much anything else! You can also add a bit of food coloring for tinted chocolate to match other event colors—a few drops of pink for a pink-themed wedding, for instance, or a few drops of blue for a little boy’s baby shower.

Sephra chocolate for fountains is super-easy to use—just warm the pieces, still in the bag they come in, in the microwave. When you take it, you’ll need to knead till you have the right consistency, but since it is still in the bag thee will be no mess.  Heat again if necessary. Otherwise, dump it into your fountain and watch it cascade beautifully over your tiers.

Don’t Forget…

You will need someone ‘manning’ the chocolate fountain during your event, as dropped food items, not quickly retrieved, can spell disaster. Children should be supervised carefully if allowed to use the fountain. Always schedule it before any adults are likely to be inebriated—drunk partygoers and chocolate fountains really don’t mix.

All that said, chocolate fountains aren’t that hard to manage, and they certainly add a wonderful social aspect to the otherwise ‘take it and run’ goodie display at any party or event.

Don’t have a fountain, after all? Have a look at our review  of  The Best Healthy Chocolates for some chocolate goodness that requires no equipment, whatsoever, for consumption!