Chocolate Cigars: Smoking Jackets Not Required

What spells out decadent indulgence more than a box of chocolate cigars? Not much! Chocolate cigars are wonderful gifts for those times when you need something both tasty and elegant, or a nice substitute for ‘real cigars’ in circles where tobacco isn’t used. There are a variety of different types available; some that are straight-forward (but intensely rich!) solid chocolate, others which are delicate chocolate wafers filled with crème or chocolate nougat.

Whatever the inside may be, they’re all shaped like your classical cigars, and typically wrapped and packaged like high end cigars as well. Don’t be surprised if they’re mistaken for the other stuff— at least, till the paper’s off. After that, there’s no chance of confusion—a good thing, for a match to the end of one of these delicacies would only result in a sticky mess.

godival chocolate cigars

Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Cigars are one incredibly delicious choice. This package of four can fit easily in your shirt pocket, ready to share with someone special during a stolen moment of a busy day—or enjoyed alone when you want something to give your mood an instant one eighty degree shift up. These cigars are solid all the way through, and the taste is something else. Quality milk chocolate you can suck on for a long time—or bite into if you like to have your delicious goodness in more intensive amounts.

chocolate cigar

New York Fudge & Confections Chocolate Cigar Wafer Rolls are some pretty jaw-dropping stuff as well. These long, thin cigars are actually chocolate wafers filled with chocolate crème, though you couldn’t tell to look at them. NY Fudge has a few other flavors as well, but the wafer roll looks the most like a real cigar!

If a pack of fifty cigars seems a little over the top, you can also get these same delicious cigar wafers in a 5 pc gift pack. Bulk packaging does come with a decided discount, though!

High-end chocolate cigars:

venchi chocolate cigar


Both Godiva and New York Fudge & Confections make pretty good chocolate cigars. But do you want to go really high end? Then try Italian Venchi cigars. There’s nothing cheap about these, but they just might be worth what you pay for them. Good, rich chocolate; so rich that you wonder if it is too much to eat in one sitting—yet it is so good, how can you stop? Handcrafted artisan chocolate with an underline on flavor, Venchi chocolates are prized throughout Europe for their quality and taste.

You have three choices: aromatic cocoa (shown above), a rich smokey cocoa paste—truffle paste, if you will surrounded by two layers of dark chocolate; hazelnut nougatine, in which the inner cocoa paste contains chopped and roasted hazelnut goodness, or orange cocoa, where you’ve got bits of candied orange peel mixed into the truffle.

Ever had a cigar so flavorsome? No, we didn’t think so! If you get addicted to these things, you won’t have any cash left to finance tobacco buying, you’ll be walking around with a continual chocolate-high, and your heart—and lungs—will both be thanking you. Plenty of positive results from one plain-out indulgence, no?

Enjoy your chocolate cigar—no guilt here!

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