Chocolate Bouquets – The Good Stuff!

Chocolate Bouquets

If you have a chocolate fan in your life, they are sure to go gaga over a chocolate bouquet (maybe to share with others, maybe to share with you, or perhaps to keep all for their very own).

This delightful form of candygram is comprised of several pieces of molded chocolate atop individual sticks, much like a classic hard-candy lollipop. The chocolate lollipops are arranged in a way that resembles a flower bouquet. In fact, many professional chocolatiers create chocolate bouquets using molds that are shaped like various flowers (especially roses) and covered with colorful form-fitting foil to create tasty would-be flowers.

chocolate lollipops

Mint chocolate lollipop recipe here.

Other popular shapes include hearts, spheres with sprinkles or nuts, animals, trees, lips, peace signs, smilie faces, and medallions; but really these chocolates could be any shape. If you do an internet search for special pre-made chocolate treats or for just about any style of chocolate molding, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Tips for Making a DIY Chocolate Bouquet

The easiest way to put together a chocolate bouquet is to purchase chocolates that have already been molded onto a stick by a chocolatier or in a factory. In this case the DIY aspect of the project would be decorating and designing your chocolate floral arrangement.

Online and brick-and-mortar stores can supply you with whatever you will need. Usually, buying in bulk will get you better prices in terms of cost per piece of chocolate. You can also find chocolate making kits and recipes in stores and online.

Making chocolate can be a perfect rainy day project. Just select your molds and go wild!

Whatever shape your chocolate “flowers” take, you can be sure that they will weigh a bit more than a real flower, so it is important to make sure the vase, basket, or other container you select to hold the bouquet is sturdy with a wide base and is tall enough that the chocolates don’t fall out easily.Placing a floral foam out of sight within the container can help you keep your chocolate bouquet in place.

Craft stores are good places to look for appropriate containers for chocolate bouquets, floral foam, and any other decoration necessity on your list. Some nice additions include but are not limited to: paper cutouts, thin jewelry wire with beads, glue and glitter, tassels, spiral shoelaces, or even plastic flowers to compliment your chocolate ones.

Voila! Your chocolate bouquet is looking great. Now come up with something nice to say and put it on a nice little card or write a heartfelt letter. Attach it with a material that will match your other bouquet decorations. Have another person deliver your delicious handiwork on your behalf. It will make the surprise that more mysterious and playful.

Variation on a Theme: Chocolate Bar Bouquets

chocolate bar bouquet

Another great candygram idea in the same vein as chocolate bouquets are chocolate bar bouquets. You can easily buy a large quantity of mini, regular, or king-sized chocolate bars from a grocery store and create a colorful albeit slightly less flower-like bouquet by clipping, taping, hot gluing, or tying the wrapped chocolate bars to tongue depressors or sturdy straws.

Another option is to fill a large jar or short transparent vase with chocolates that are standing upright. As always with candy grams, make sure to decorate and add a card or tag with a sweet note or phrase.

Whether you use chocolate lollipops or chocolate bars, the key to a successful chocolate bouquet is CHOCOLATE!