Candy gram Ideas

Looking for some inspiration? If you’re at a loss for what kind of candy to use in your candy gram, how to arrange it or what to write, check out the following list of candy gram ideas guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Candy gram Ideas


Teacher Appreciation Candy gram Poster

candygram for teachers

If you’re looking for something special to show educators in your life how appreciated they are, just get together some candy bars, a piece of pasteboard, markers or a word processor, and your imagination. This would make a great gift from a whole classroom at the end of a term

Valentine’s Day: “I dig you!”

shovel candygram

Check out this DIY Valentine’s Day candy gram idea over at The Fry Family Blog (scroll to the bottom of their amazing V-Day post). A cute plastic shovel, small candy like M&Ms, a clear plastic bag, and a cute tag are all you need to share some love. What’s great about the project is that you can actually download and print the tag, so you don’t have to worry about doing the work of neatly writing (and rewriting) the same message over and over again.

Fun Phrases for Candy grams

candygram sayings

Don’t have a clue what to write on your candy grams or which theme to choose? This is a great list of ideas that are witty and fun. Pair them with your favorite types of candy or another small gift to give the puns some punch, and you’ll be sure to please.

Edible Fruit Bouquets and Arrangements: With and Without Chocolate!

Get some great visual inspiration for your next edible bouquet. This YouTube video shows off some clever chocolate-dipped strawberries (a perfect bridal gift), a variety of sweet bouquets and candy boxes, and even some fruit-only creations. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to candy grams without being too healthy, these chocolate covered fruit creations could be just what the doctor ordered.

Short Kid-Friendly Jokes

candy gram jokes

These 30 jokes from Childhood Beckons are sure to get a hardy knee-slap and guffaw. Include a joke or two with every candy gram to brighten the day of a kid or kid at heart. Here’s a gem: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9! (Get it?)

Candy Bar Bouquet

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to create a gift that anyone will enjoy, take a look at this DIY YouTube video by PartyTimeBabyCom. The containers the presenter has selected are unique, and the faux flowers are a really nice touch. This is a great candy gram for an office mate’s birthday! For some uniqueness, try a bacon chocolate bar!!

DIY Candy Tree Christmas Bouquet

This candy tree Christmas bouquet could be a fantastic addition to a family celebration. Since it’s a tree, it’s extra versatile! This could also be a great Arbor Day decoration, if you stick to green packaging. However you grow it, this tree is nice and easy to make and lots of fun.

Chocolate Roses for Your Candy grams

Add some classic romance to your candy gram creations with roses. Or, mold chocolate into any shape you choose. The possibilities! This YouTube video by The Cake Makery gives a simple recipe for creating moulding chocolate along with an easy-to-follow tutorial specifically for creating beautiful (and delicious) roses for your candy grams.

DIY Fortune Cookies

diy fortune cookies

This super fun DIY candy gram idea from the DIY Business Association can be a great addition to or alternative to traditional candy grams. Think up tantalize fortunes of your own or look online for ideas. Then whip up a batch of delicious psychic treats! For extra fun, experiment with molding the still-hot cookies into different shapes.

Homemade Candy Grams for Every Occasion

The folks over at love candy grams as much as the rest of us. Follow this recipe for success: candle + candy + note = candy gram perfection! Simple and to the point, this is just the sort of thing that shows someone you think they’re great. This website also features even more inspiring ideas for special notes to include in your candy grams.

Candy gram Fundraiser Advertising

In the age of the internet, getting word out about your candy gram fundraiser is incredibly easy. Upload videos on YouTube in addition to your school or teams classic poster and loud speaker announcements. This YouTube video is just one example of something students put together. If you click around the related links, you’ll see that there are many more possibilities.

DIY Bows: Great for Candy grams

If you are looking for some nice ways to tie your ribbon for a candy gram, this YouTube video by MissTargetChic is a great place to start. Whether you are gifting boxes of candy, bags, or vases, there are some cool matches to be had. All of the materials she uses are easy to find at a local craft store.

Candy grams are great as gifts for teachers too! Try incorporating one of these chocolate cigars for a truly unique and funny gift!

Candy grams come in all shapes and sizes. Whether sugary, chocolate, mint or candy bars, the only limit is your imagination.