Candy Arrangements – The Edible Gift

Candy Arrangements

Just about everyone has a favorite type of candy, which means candy arrangements can make excellent gifts. There are several types of candy arrangements that you might consider, including candy bouquets, gift baskets, jars of sweets, boxes of chocolates, and candygrams, as well as candy platters and buffets. All of these can be purchased or made in the comfort of your own home. It is usually easy to find bulk quantities of candy at grocery stores.

candy arrangement

Try making your own!

Candy bouquets are sweet treats served on sticks and arranged much like a bouquet of flowers. Candy bouquets can include hard candy (like star shaped candy lollipops), chocolates, or any other candy that can be melted or gently pushed onto a stick. You can find instructions on how to make the arrangement in the picture above at the

Fancy gift baskets, jars, boxes, or other containers can be put together in an endless array of creative patterns and styles to showcase delicious medleys of truffles, licorice, caramels, or chocolate-covered odds and ends. Add bows or flowers for a burst of additional color and festiveness. If you are using candy arrangements for a fundraiser, you can always make a variety of sizes and styles. Make your creation as simple or extravagant as you would like, and price them in a way that makes sense for the cost of your supplies and labor.

In case you are looking for something a little simpler than a large container of sweets, there is always the classic candygram, which can be just a single piece of candy or a small bag of candy with a handwritten note attached to it with ribbon, yarn, pipe cleaners, or pretty strips of cloth. This option is particularly inexpensive, enjoyable, and easy to integrate into any sort of school, event, or nonprofit fundraising. Candygrams are also great to create with a group of crafty friends or students. Individual candygrams don’t take up much space, so they are also easy to transport and delivery to that special someone.

candy platter

Even the platter in this picture is made of candy!

If you are looking to entertain a large group of people, why not serve up a platter of candy or an entire buffet of sweet favorites? There are many traditional candies that correlate to regional, religious, and personal holidays. Chocolate fondu fountains can make an appearance in a candy buffet for an extra element of novelty. This can be a fun way to wrap up an evening or add to a child’s birthday party.

For folks who find themselves craving a few more savory options to include in their candy arrangements, due to health reasons or taste preferences, there are sugar-free candies, jerky, salted candies, dried or fresh fruit, trail mix, nut arrangements, and spicy candies, just to name a few possibilities. During holidays like Easter, there is also the added option of including colorful boiled eggs to help balance the sugary goodness of your candy arrangements.

With so many treats and decorations to choose from, there is nothing to stop you from selling or giving a tasty gift that anyone would love to receive! What is your favorite type of candy arrangement? Share your answer in the comment box below!