Beechnut Gum – Where can I get my hands on it?

If you’re looking at giants in the world of chewing gum you can’t help but pay some good attention to Beechnut. Beechnut gum was the gum once upon a time; and though Wrigley’s always had its die-hard fans, there were plenty of people who would choose Beechnut gum over any other offering. Good taste, good quality, and a fun look were all things that people thought about when they thought about the gum.

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And flavoristic, or so said the ads. It wasn’t so long ago that Beechnut’s ads were all over television, and children everywhere were singing the advertisement songs on their way to school. Beechnut was a well-established brand back in your parent’s day. In fact, here’s a bit of Beechnut Gum trivia: did you know that this gum line actually began more than a hundred years ago?

Beechnut corporation made more than chewing gum—spaghetti, baby food, and bacon were only a few of their other offering. In fact, the company began as a manufacturer of fine smoked hams, but during the great depression it was discovered there was nothing that sold as well as the super-cheap gum. There was no money to spend on luxuries; no money, even, to buy jarred baby food or bacon or fancy spaghetti; but you had to be really down and out if you couldn’t afford an occasional piece of gum. Chewing gum is really useful, too, if you want to forget you are really extremely hungry.

Back then there were only a few companies that made decent chewing gum. Their secret recipes all depended on chicle; the sapota tree syrup from South America which gave the gum its chew. This syrup was hard to attain, and higher-ups in the company had to make lots of trips to the faraway growing grounds to make sure the supply stayed up there.

Beechnut gum came in more than one flavor. There was peppermint, spearmint, and fruit as well. Beechnut fruit stripe gum became so popular it eventually became a line of its own.

Does Beechnut Gum Still Exist?


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Can you get Beechnut gum today? You can; or almost! Beechnut peppermint and spearmint have lost the battle of keeping up with the times, but Fruit Stripe is still going strong. Where to find it? Amazon is the prime stomping grounds for anyone who goes hunting for old fashioned candy or specialty food products, and here again, it doesn’t fail.

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It tastes just like it used to, reviewers say, and if the price has been jacked up in recent years; well, what else would you expect? It’s a blast from the past; the same striped fruity flavors that were enjoyed back in the day. No modern, new fangled recipes here, and as a result, maybe, the flavor doesn’t last that long: yummy for around sixty seconds, it quickly fades into—nothing. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker, though, you can always pop another piece in your mouth. One much-loved feature of these fruity gums is the way a single pack always contains an assortment of flavors. You get to experience it all, all in ten minutes, if you want to splurge that much.

Beechnut gum is perfect as a gift, perhaps paired with a nice artisan chocolate, maybe for an older friend or relative?

Have fun chewing the same gum your parents and grandparents chewed; the gum chewed by aviators in World War I and World War II. You’re a part of history, and what you eat is too!