The Bacon Chocolate Bar – You know you want it!

Where do flavor combinations come from, and what makes a particular combination a winner? Some are so obvious they seem to fit together automatically; like butter and marmalade, or strawberries and cream. And then there’s your bacon chocolate bar.

To the non-initiated, it may seem a strange combination; like broccoli icecream or popcorn pizza.  Bacon goes with eggs for breakfast; or, crumbled, in the salad, but what is it doing in my chocolate bar?  It’s one of those things that give us pause. And then we wonder: could it, maybe, really taste good?

best bacon chocolate bar

And it can.  In fact, once you’ve tried it and fallen in love, you’re really addicted, and there’ll be nothing else that can satisfy this particular craving. Those who have acquired the taste swear there’s nothing better: the salty, crisp bacon with the sweet mildness of a milk chocolate or the rich deepness of a dark chocolate bar.

Skeptical? You won’t know until you try— and although it’s not for everyone, there are hundreds of people who have been converted from nay-sayers to passionate addicts with just one bite of a bacon chocolate bar. So here’s a warning in advance:  if you end up with an addiction that costs half your salary to fuel, I’m not responsible. I didn’t make the chocolate, and I can’t be held accountable for your reaction.  My role was simply that of a go between; I only did the introductions between you and your first bacon chocolate bar.

And I haven’t even done that yet; but that’s what I’m about to do. Introduce you to your first bacon chocolate bar, and let you take it from there. Actually, because the world is divided into two camps: those who prefer milk chocolate and those who think dark chocolate is divine, I will extend my introductions to two separate chocolate bars: Mo’s Bacon Bar (Milk Chocolate) and Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar. Both are produced by Vosges, a high quality chocolatier.

bacon chocolate bar

Let’s start with the milk chocolate; named, simply, Mo’s Bacon Bar.  The chocolate itself is 41% cocoa; so it’s a rich milk chocolate; nothing to sniff at here. But it’s the bacon bits mixed throughout the bar that make it something special. Crisp bacon, smoked in applewood, and alder wood smoked salt— when those salty, smoky flavors meld with that sweet milk chocolate, you have something that tastes out of this world. You just might discover that you are one of the people who would die for this combination, and you’ll never face another Monday at the office without a bacon bar stashed in some secret corner of your desk.

dark bacon chocolate bar

What if you’re not much of a fan of milk chocolate, and prefer the darker, sterner stuff? Then let me introduce you to Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar; another exercise in contrasts that may surprise your palate into astonished approval. This is 62% chocolate, rich, dark, and not too sweet; and hiding inside are the magic ingredients: crisp, applewood smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt.  Dark chocolate lends itself particularly well to the salty surprises you’ll find when you bite into this chocolate, and you’ll want to savor every bite to get the full taste of that smoky bacon, swimming in a sea of rich creamy goodness.

Go on, try it. You know you want to. And if you fall in love? Then there’s just one rule: pass it on.