Discovering a New Favorite: Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

Chocolate covered orange peels are one of those treats that belongs inexorably with autumn afternoons and winter evenings. But they are much more than just a cold-season treat. These tangy goodies are a health-food powerhouse; a pick-me-upper that works in more than one way to transform your mood.
Who wouldn’t want chocolate covered orange peel? Well, there are a few reasons these might not be your thing. For instance, you might:

  • Hate chocolate, and anything that looks like that brown stuff
  • Hate orange, and anything that smells reminiscent
  • Hate spiciness, especially in candy
  • Hate sweetness, especially when combined with a tangy spicy flavor

If any of those four describe you, you’re better with something else. A pack of twizzlers, for instance. However, if you’re a normal person with normal taste, chocolate covered orange peel is a epicurean delight just waiting for you.

Welcome to the World of Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

Weaver Chocolate Covered Orange Peel is a very nice ‘basic’ chocolate covered orange peel that tastes delicious and won’t break your budget. They don’t look particularly fancy and the packaging is basic, but the taste? There’s no soppiness about these: they come out of the box crisp and delicious. The chocolate is smooth, the orange peel tart, spicy, and chewy. Choose between dark chocolate  or milk; both are good to eat, but will appeal to very different chocoholics. If you’re all about intense flavors, richness and spice, go with the dark; if you prefer sweet fruitiness, try the milk chocolate variety.

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel Milk Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

When You’re Ready to Get Fancy

For a high-end chocolate covered orange peel, try Leonidas Belgian Chocolates Signature Orangettes. If Weaver’s was fresh and deliciously toothsome, this is doubly so: chocolate covered orange peel par excellence.


Leonidas calls them the “vitamin C of Belgium” and the name might just fit—tangy, spicy treats that have all the health benefits of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate . plus a thousand more from the orange peel. Did you know that orange peel is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and a proven remedy for the common cold? Not only that, but it’s chock full of antioxidants itself. A tonic worth putting on your eat-whenever-possible list—and when you combine that with the intensely addictive taste that Leonidas brings in, you might just have to add these to your regular shopping list.

Bittersweet, they call the chocolate coating, but it is neither too bitter nor too sweet: that perfect middleground. It’s quality Belgian chocolate; the kind you get at the fancy import store.

And the packaging is something else- the kind of packaging you’d expect from a company which really believed that their chocolates were worth their weight in gold (or silver, anyway). You are paying for it, of course: these chocolates aren’t cheap; but still, the case they come in is a nice touch. Not eccentric like a chocolate cigar case, but if you meant these chocolates for a gift you don’t have to buy any extra gift wrapping: give them straight in the box they came in. If they’re just for you, that fancy packaging will remind you to savor each one and not to gobble too fast.

Chocolate covered orange peels—your new favorite candy.

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