The Best Gluten Free Chocolates – You’re not missing out!

If you’ve gone gluten free you’ll have got used to living without a lot of what you used to consider essential. Whole wheat sandwiches. Burger King. Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. Sure, there are substitutes, but they are expensive and often don’t taste right. Sometimes it seems like you have to go without anything that tastes good.

Well, you don’t have to go without good chocolate. When you buy gluten free chocolates, you’ll learn to read the labels and skip anything with cereal, wheat starch, or other problem articles—or made in wheat-contaminated factory lines– there are plenty of high quality gluten free chocolates that will hit the spot when that craving starts. Want recommendations? I have them ready!

gluten free chocolate truffles

To start with, Premium Chocolatiers has a wonderful collection of five different truffles that are not only gluten free, but also free of dairy, nuts or eggs. This Chocolate Truffle Collection is a wonderful treat to share with a group who might have allergies and food intolerances—if you’re able to keep from hording the whole box for yourself! Not only do these taste better than the truffles you used to eat in your pre-diet days, they also look wonderful. Nothing here to scoff at, that’s for sure.

gluten free chocolate caramels

Are truffles not your thing? Premium Chocolatiers also produces a box of delicious nougat, caramel and marshmallow chocolates; melt in your mouth delicacies that will have you reaching for more—till every piece is gone. It’s the decadent goodness that you may have thought you’d never have again, packaged in an aesthetically pleasing gift box that is perfect for that ‘you are special’ reminder to yourself.

gluten free hersheys nuggets

If you’d like something a bit more pocket-book friendly another option is Hershey’s Chocolate Nuggets Assortment. This 38.5 ounce party bag contains over a hundred pieces of high quality chocolate, wrapped individually and divided over four different types: milk chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate, special dark mildly sweet chocolate with almonds, and extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almonds. All four types are gluten free, and all four types have the rich chocolate flavor we’ve grown to expect from Hershey’s chocolate. This is a lot of chocolate for the price, and you’ll have enough to spread over quite a number of days—or, if you’re the generous sort, share with friends.

gluten free chocolate covered pretzels

But if you what you really want is something that tastes as if it has gluten in it, Premium Chocolatier’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels might do the trick for you. These little pretzels are, again, as allergy friendly as you get: egg free, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free. But after biting into one you might find yourself rechecking the label just to make sure they really are gluten free- they certainly don’t taste like it! The only thing to be aware of here is that the pretzels are mini and the bag is small; you’ll want to buy more than one little bag of these.

There’s no reason to let your food intolerances block your way to a satisfied palate—don’t be satisfied with poor substitutes or ‘second best’, and take the good things that you deserve!